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The intention of my website is to share my personal experience with everybody, who is involved in rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, polyurethan and their processing.

Continuing education is a key to success. With in-house seminars or workshops I offer training designed to your specific needs, which enables you to make the utmost profit of my knowledge.

With my personal experience gained in my business life, I am interested in disseminate my knowledge through public seminars or workshops in rubber technology and statisic experimental design (DOE). You will find detailed information under "Training."

The software "GrafCompounder" was developed, to be able to utilize your compound database. For example, entering compound properties allow a formulation to be calculated. You will find more information under my separate website GrafCompounder together with literature and a price list.

Next Conferences / Webinars / Seminars:

Due to the necessary precautions to be followed because of the Covid-19 outbreak, we do not provide seminars, conferences or exhibtions this year.
Instead we offer webinars held by TechnoBiz consultants.
For information please visit: KnowHow Webinars

Four Webninars provided by myself: Two in August and two in September:

  1. 25. August: Rubber Extrusion - Impact of Residence Time Distribution on Rubber Compounding
  2. 27. August: Design of Rubber Injection Molding Process.
  3. 15. September: Design of Experiments (DoE) in Rubber Manufacturing Processes
  4. 16. September: Design of Experiments (DoE) in Rubber Formulation Development

The GRTE Bangkok was postponed to March 2021.
We will make sure, this event will be one of the most important event in South-East Asia

For more information about TechnoBiz Exhibitions / Conferences / Seminars please visit TechnoBiz.

Highlights of my Professional Experience:

Present positions:

Program Instructor at Rubber Industry Department @ TechnoBiz, Thailand, and TechnoBiz-USA, USA.

Consultant - Compound and Process Development at various Rubber Manufactureres.

Former positions:

Senior Manager R&D Polymer Materials at WOCO: Supplier of rubber articles to automotive and industry (Compound and Process Development)

Director of Materials at Standard Products (later CooperStandard Automotive), a manufacturere of NVH and Automotive Sealing Systems (Compound and Process Development for Extrusion and Injection Molding)

R&D Manager at RheinChemie, a Manufacturer of Ingredients for the Rubber Processing Industry (Development of Rubber Compound Ingredients)

R&D Manager at DESMA, an Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer (Process Layout for Injection Molding of Rubber Articles, Direct Soling of Shoes with RIM-PUR and Machine Development)

Plant Chemist at Rubber Manufacturers (Rubber for Pharmaceutical Applications and for Technical Rubber Goods).

Member of the following organizations:

Rubber Division of ACS (RDofACS)

Deutsche Kautschuk Gesellschaft (DKG))

Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GdCh)

American Chemical Society (ACS)

You can find me on LinkedIn


Erich-Konrad Medal 2012 of DKG (German Rubber Society).

Updated 02. July 2020

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